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The EvWatcher class

(PECL ev >= 0.2.0)


EvWatcher is a base class for all watchers( EvCheck , EvChild etc.). Since EvWatcher 's constructor is abstract , one can't(and don't need to) create EvWatcher objects directly.

Class synopsis

abstract EvWatcher {
/* Properties */
public $is_active ;
public $data ;
public $is_pending ;
public $priority ;
/* Methods */
public int clear ( void )
abstract public __construct ( void )
public void feed ( int $revents )
public EvLoop getLoop ( void )
public void invoke ( int $revents )
public bool keepalive ([ bool $value ] )
public void setCallback ( callable $callback )
public void start ( void )
public void stop ( void )



Readonly . TRUE if the watcher is active. FALSE otherwise.


User custom data associated with the watcher


Readonly .TRUE if the watcher is pending, i.e. it has outstanding events, but its callback has not yet been invoked. FALSE otherwise. As long, as a watcher is pending(but not active), one must not change its priority.


Integer between Ev::MINPRI and Ev::MAXPRI . Pending watchers with higher priority will be invoked before watchers with lower priority, but priority will not keep watchers from being executed(except for EvIdle watchers). EvIdle watchers provide functionality to suppress invocation when higher priority events are pending.

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