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(PHP 5 >= 5.4.0, PHP 7)

SessionHandler::gcCleanup old sessions


public bool SessionHandler::gc ( int $maxlifetime )

Cleans up expired sessions. Called randomly by PHP internally when a session starts or when session_start() is invoked. The frequency this is called is based on the session.gc_divisor and session.gc_probability configuration directives.

This method wraps the internal PHP save handler defined in the session.save_handler ini setting that was set before this handler was set by session_set_save_handler().

If this class is extended by inheritiance, calling the parent gc method will invoke the wrapper for this method and therefore invoke the associated internal callback. This allows this method to be overidden and or intercepted and filtered.

For more information on what this method is expected to do, please refer to the documentation at SessionHandlerInterface::gc().



Sessions that have not updated for the last maxlifetime seconds will be removed.


会话存储的返回值(通常成功返回 0,失败返回 1)。

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