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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7)

mb_regex_set_optionsSet/Get the default options for mbregex functions


string mb_regex_set_options ([ string $options = mb_regex_set_options() ] )

Sets the default options described by options for multibyte regex functions.



The options to set. This is a string where each character is an option. To set a mode, the mode character must be the last one set, however there can only be set one mode but multiple options.

Regex options
Option Meaning
i Ambiguity match on
x Enables extended pattern form
m '.' matches with newlines
s '^' -> '\A', '$' -> '\Z'
p Same as both the m and s options
l Finds longest matches
n Ignores empty matches
e eval() resulting code
Regex syntax modes
Mode Meaning
j Java (Sun java.util.regex)
u GNU regex
g grep
c Emacs
r Ruby
z Perl
b POSIX Basic regex
d POSIX Extended regex

Return Values

The previous options. If options is omitted, it returns the string that describes the current options.

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