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(PECL fann >= 1.0.0)

fann_get_cascade_num_candidatesReturns the number of candidates used during training


int fann_get_cascade_num_candidates ( resource $ann )

The number of candidates used during training (calculated by multiplying fann_get_cascade_activation_functions_count(), fann_get_cascade_activation_steepnesses_count() and fann_get_cascade_num_candidate_groups()).

The actual candidates is defined by the fann_get_cascade_activation_functions() and fann_get_cascade_activation_steepnesses() arrays. These arrays define the activation functions and activation steepnesses used for the candidate neurons. If there are 2 activation functions in the activation function array and 3 steepnesses in the steepness array, then there will be 2x3=6 different candidates which will be trained. These 6 different candidates can be copied into several candidate groups, where the only difference between these groups is the initial weights. If the number of groups is set to 2, then the number of candidate neurons will be 2x3x2=12. The number of candidate groups is defined by fann_set_cascade_num_candidate_groups().

The default number of candidates is 6x4x2 = 48



Neural network resource.

Return Values

The number of candidates used during training, or FALSE on error.

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