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Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

Request priority constants:

EIO_PRI_MIN (integer)
Request minimal prioriry
Request default prioriry
EIO_PRI_MAX (integer)
Request maximal prioriry

eio_seek() whence argument:

EIO_SEEK_SET (integer)
The offset is set to specified number of bytes(offset).
EIO_SEEK_CUR (integer)
The offset is set to its current location plus offset bytes.
EIO_SEEK_END (integer)
The offset is set to the size of the file plus offset bytes.

Flags used with eio_readdir():

eio_readdir() flag. If specified, the result argument of the callback becomes an array with the following keys: 'names' - array of directory names 'dents' - array of struct eio_dirent-like arrays having the following keys each: 'name' - the directory name; 'type' - one of EIO_DT_* constants; 'inode' - the inode number, if available, otherwise unspecified;
When this flag is specified, the names will be returned in an order where likely directories come first, in optimal stat order.
When this flag is specified, then the names will be returned in an order suitable for stat'ing each one. When planning to stat() all files in the given directory, the returned order will likely be fastest.
EIO_DT_UNKNOWN (integer)
Unknown node type(very common). Further stat() needed.
EIO_DT_FIFO (integer)
FIFO node type
EIO_DT_CHR (integer)
Node type
EIO_DT_MPC (integer)
Multiplexed char device (v7+coherent) node type
EIO_DT_DIR (integer)
Directory node type
EIO_DT_NAM (integer)
Xenix special named file node type
EIO_DT_BLK (integer)
Node type
EIO_DT_MPB (integer)
Multiplexed block device (v7+coherent)
EIO_DT_REG (integer)
Node type
EIO_DT_NWK (integer)
EIO_DT_CMP (integer)
HP-UX network special node type
EIO_DT_LNK (integer)
Link node type
EIO_DT_SOCK (integer)
Socket node type
EIO_DT_DOOR (integer)
Solaris door node type
EIO_DT_WHT (integer)
Node type
EIO_DT_MAX (integer)
Highest node type value

Access modes for eio_open() flags argument:

EIO_O_RDONLY (integer)
EIO_O_WRONLY (integer)
EIO_O_RDWR (integer)
EIO_O_NONBLOCK (integer)
EIO_O_APPEND (integer)
EIO_O_CREAT (integer)
EIO_O_TRUNC (integer)
EIO_O_EXCL (integer)
EIO_O_FSYNC (integer)

mode argument flags for eio_open():

EIO_S_IRUSR (integer)
EIO_S_IWUSR (integer)
EIO_S_IXUSR (integer)
EIO_S_IRGRP (integer)
EIO_S_IWGRP (integer)
EIO_S_IXGRP (integer)
EIO_S_IROTH (integer)
EIO_S_IWOTH (integer)
EIO_S_IXOTH (integer)
EIO_S_IFREG (integer)
EIO_S_IFCHR (integer)
EIO_S_IFBLK (integer)
EIO_S_IFIFO (integer)
EIO_S_IFSOCK (integer)

eio_sync_file_range() flags:


eio_fallocate() flags:



EIO_S_I* constants have the same meaning as their S_I* POSIX counterparts.


EIO_SYNC_FILE_* constants have the same meaning as their SYNC_FILE_** counterparts.


EIO_O_* constants have the same meaning as their O_* POSIX counterparts.

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