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The MongoCursorInterface interface

(PECL mongo >=1.5.0)


Interface for cursors, which can be used to iterate through results of a database query or command. This interface is implemented by the MongoCursor and MongoCommandCursor classes.

Note: Similar to Traversable, this interface cannot be implemented in PHP scripts.

Class synopsis

MongoCursorInterface extends Iterator {
/* Methods */
abstract public MongoCursorInterface batchSize ( int $batchSize )
abstract public bool dead ( void )
abstract public array getReadPreference ( void )
abstract public array info ( void )
abstract public MongoCursorInterface setReadPreference ( string $read_preference [, array $tags ] )
abstract public MongoCursorInterface timeout ( int $ms )
/* Inherited methods */
abstract public mixed Iterator::current ( void )
abstract public scalar Iterator::key ( void )
abstract public void Iterator::next ( void )
abstract public void Iterator::rewind ( void )
abstract public boolean Iterator::valid ( void )

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